Russian illegal store retailer selling firearms. Only here! Traumatic mini automatic pistol with rubber bullets and military pistols with silencers.

  • Russian underground gunsmiths offer for sale the best models of reliable weapons both of Russian and foreign origin. Watch video reviews!
  • A unique method of delivery of goods. Safe and secure. We use modern technology, no one confiscates the parcel!
  • Parcels via shipping companies like DHL. The weapon is wrapped with a magnetic envelope to bypass the scanners, and is sprinkled with chlorine, cayenne pepper and citrus powders so that the doggy service cannot detect the characteristic smell of the weapon and gunpowder.
  • Buying a weapon from us, you can be sure that it is not recorded in the police files of your country and it will be impossible to calculate it. You can use it for any purpose. We do not need from you licenses, weapons permits and other documents. 

Legendary traumatic automatic 25 charging gun. It is made of the donor of the gun Zoraki 914-s AUTO. It has a steel barrel without rifling. Included in the delivery is a clip for 14 and 25 rounds. As well as 300 rounds in the kit. 9PA caliber cartridges are traumatic (rubber with a steel core. The gun is designed for aimed shooting at a distance of 5-7 meters. It shoots both in single and full automatic fire. Attention! Automatic fire from this gun will be fatal with a 90% probability. Breaks bones, ribs, injures. Maximum stopping effect. Such guns are not produced legally, this monster is a combat modification of a legal signal pistol, converted to the use of traumatic guns. atrones. Set price = $ 2100 including shipping. (A pistol, a holder for 14 rounds and an assault holder for 25 rounds + 300 traumatic Russian-made cartridges). Additionally, you can order cartridges (+ $ 100 = 100 pieces), clips for 14 rounds (+ $ 100 apiece), assault clips for 25 rounds ($ 200 apiece). Payment Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Combat modified gun Makarov! A living legend is available to everyone!

Reliable and practical Makarov pistol with an elongated barrel and silencer included. Modifications => clips for 12 rounds + elongated barrel for a silencer. High-quality, quiet and deadly Russian pistol. Watch our video and see how much our modification is better than the classic Makarov pistol. Included is a pistol, a silencer, 2 clips with a capacity of 12 rounds + 300 combat rounds of 9 × 18 Russian caliber. Kit price = $ 3500 Additionally, you can order: + clip ($ 150 apiece), + 100 cartridges ($ 200 = 100 cartridges). Eternal silencer and does not require replacement, our video shows how to disassemble it. Requires easy cleaning of parts after every 200-300 shots. If you even want a spare silencer, it will cost + $ 500. Pay for purchases using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Pistols Glock 17 always in stock.

The gun Glock 17 Austrian production. Needs no introduction. Everybody knows him! This quality weapon is regularly delivered to us from Afghanistan and Ukraine. The battle zones are always our reliable weapon suppliers. The price of the original Glock 17 = $ 5000 The price of a Glock 17 pistol with an elongated barrel and a silencer = $ 7000 Included is a pistol (or a pistol with a silencer) + 2 clips with a capacity of 15 cartridge, + 300 cartridges of 9 × 19 caliber produced in Russia. Additionally, you can buy: +100 cartridge 9 × 19 ($ 200 = 100 pieces), + spare holder with a capacity of 15 rounds ($ 200 = 1 holder), or assault holder with a capacity of 31 + 2 cartridges for the price of $ 300 apiece. If in your country, as in Russia, you can buy clips legally and without a license, then you can save on this by buying clips yourself. Payment Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

A combat modification of the signal 30 charging pistol Zoraki-925 with a silencer. Russian military 7.62 × 25 powerful pistol caliber.

Very practical, multi-shot battle pistol. The modification is made from the donor of the signal pistol Zoraki-925. It has a steel elongated barrel for the muffler. Threaded barrel. The gun is made under the powerful Russian military pistol caliber 7.62 × 25. This caliber has a high penetrating ability and can pierce bulletproof glass or body armor. Clips with a capacity of 30 rounds. The kit includes a pistol with a silencer, 2 clips with a capacity of 30 cartridges + 300 cartridges of 7.62 × 25 caliber. Price $ 4500 set Additionally, you can buy spare stores for $ 100 apiece and additional cartridges for the price ($ 200 = 100 pieces). Favorite weapons of professional killers in Russia, along with a Makarov pistol. Payment Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Weapons that we can get under the order.

1) Kalashnikov assault rifle shortened, folding. (5.45 × 39 caliber) clips for 30 rounds 2) A Kalashnikov military machine with a folding butt and a drum with a capacity of 75 rounds or a 30-round cartridge. (Power caliber 7.62 × 39) .. 3) Russian 22-charging pistol machine gun KEDR, (the best analogue of the Israeli pistol machine gun UZI).

How to make an order.

To make an order, you must write to the mail of one of the two sellers from whom you want to buy weapons. In the letter, you must specify which particular gun you want to buy and if you want additional equipment, write what exactly you want to buy with the standard kit. Tell in which Country and which city will send the parcel. In response, we will send you the details of our Bitcoin wallet. After payment, tell us what you paid. If possible, attach a payment link to the letter, for example from or at least a screenshot, an approximate date and time. After receiving the payment, we will ask you for the exact address to send the parcel. You will need an address, last name, first name, patronymic of the recipient, and a mobile phone number (you can use a cheap one-time mobile phone and a sim card). After sending the parcel, we will send you the tracking code for the parcel. If you do not know how to exchange cash or money on your credit card for Bitcoin, then use google search by typing the phrase "how to change money for Bitcoin in my city (specify your city". It's simple. Optimal when exchanging immediately indicate our wallet as the recipient's wallet. We accept only 100% payment. We do not accept other payment options. In the event that you are not satisfied with our conditions and working procedure, it will be optimal not to write to us at all. Our criminal business only works on our terms. Best wishes!



When ordering, you can use anonymous mailboxes or

There are many ways to exchange ordinary money for Bitcoin. For this there are online exchangers and exchanges. The most convenient way is to find out with the help of google the list of online electronic currency exchanger in your city, choose a reliable one and carry out an exchange, indicating our Bitcoin wallet as the recipient's wallet

We pack the goods in magnetic envelope, so that no scanner at customs can see anything suspicious in the package. We also pour into the package a mixture of chlorine powder, cayenne pepper and citrus, this neutralizes the scent of police dogs. Your parcel will not be stopped by anyone and nothing.

Working with us - you work with professionals. We are experienced criminals and know our business. Hundreds of people regularly receive our packages.